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GoGo Estate's Essential Plan help families leave assets to their loved ones and nominate guardians.

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What does the Essential Plan do?

Every GoGo Estate customer who purchases an Essential Plan receives a Will, along with other necessary documents for health care security and financial well-being.

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Distributes Assets

With an Essential Plan from GoGo Estate, you can designate who will inherit your assets when you die with a Will.

Appoints Guardians

With our Essential Plan, you can ensure that your minor children are cared for when you are no longer around.

Provides Security

Every Essential Plan comes with health care and financial documents to make sure that you are protected.

the essential plan

What's included in each Essential Plan?

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how does all this work?

GoGo Estate makes Will planning easy with our innovative new solution.


Pick your plan.

Choose from one of GoGo Estate's many Essential Plan options. We've made it easy to sort through based on marital and familial status.


Complete your Essential Plan using GoGo Estate.

Using our unique and comprehensive self-help estate planning forms, can complete your plan quickly without the hassle and expense of hiring a lawyer.


Download, print, and sign.

You will receive your Will Plan documents instantly upon completion of GoGo Estate's self-help questions. Once received, you can download and sign on your own time. Or, if you're patient, you can wait for us to send you printed copies in the mail.


Designate your Beneficiaries.

Most Wills should act as a back-up to other planning tools. If you have assets that allow beneficiary designations, if you name your beneficiaries right, your Will might avoid Probate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Will?

A Will is an estate planning tool for distributing assets, designating Executors (point-persons in charge of settling up your estate in court), and nominating Guardians for minor children.

How do I make my Will legally binding?

In order for a Will to be legally binding, you must be over the age of eighteen (18) and of sound mind, and you must sign the Will in front of two (2) "disinterested witnesses," meaning two people who are not related to you or who will not be implicated in your Will.

Does my spouse need a Will?

Yes! You are generally not allowed to have joint Wills, so GoGo Estate's Will Plan automatically gives you and your spouse two separate Wills. Moreover, you and your spouse can have different terms in each of your Wills; they do not need to be identical.

What is the difference between a Trust and a Will?

A Trust is a life-planning tool whereas a Will only comes into effect after your death. While both plans help to designate who will receive your property and assets, Trusts have the added benefit of planning for any unexpected challenges life might throw at you. Trusts also avoid Probate, meaning your Beneficiaries receive their assets quicker than those receiving under a Will. Trusts also have the added benefit of protecting your assets from creditors of your Beneficiaries.

What is Probate?

Probate is the court-based process for validating Wills (i.e., making sure that they were signed properly and are legally binding), distributing assets after your death, and appointing Guardians for your minor children. This process may take a long time, which is why many families, especially those with young children, decide to purchase GoGo Estate's Trust Plan instead. Note, however, that even if you purchase our Trust Plan, if any of your children are under the age of eighteen (18) when you die, your Will must be probated in order to appoint a proper Guardian.

Can my Will avoid Probate?

Probably not. All Wills are subject to Probate. When you die, your Executor will be required to submit your Will to the Probate Division of the county you live in, at which point the Will must be validated. If, however, you designate beneficiaries to your assets, you may be able to avoid Probate because these designations are considered "Nonprobate Transfers." Nonprobate Transfers do avoid Probate, so long as the beneficiaries are still living at your death. Lucky for you, GoGo Estate gives you the tools necessary to learn how to properly designate beneficiaries to your assets.

How long does Probate take?

Depending on the court and complexity of the estate, Probate may require your Beneficiaries to wait over 2 years to inherit from you.