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Family dynamics are changing, especially as more families are considered "blended families." GoGo Estate's Blended Family Plan is designed specifically for blended families.

May avoid probate
Provide for your surviving spouse
Protect assets for your family line
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What does the Blended Family Plan do?

GoGo Estate's Blended Family Plan is designed to help blended families plan their estates.

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Spousal Support

Although the ultimate beneficiaries will be your kids, if you die before your spouse, they will still be supported with the Blended Family Plan.

Preserve Family Assets

You love and trust your spouse. But that doesn't mean that your kids' inheritance isn't at risk. GoGo Estate's Blended Family Plan locks in their inheritance.

Avoid Probate

The Blended Family Plan is a trust-based plan, meaning that the assets held by the Blended Family Trust may avoid the pitfalls of probate.

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What's included in the Blended Family Plan?

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how does all this work?

GoGo Estate makes trust planning easy with our innovative new solution.


Pick your plan.

Choose from one of GoGo Estate's many Blended Family Plan options. We've made it easy to sort through based on familial status.


Complete your Blended Family Plan using GoGo Estate.

Using our unique and comprehensive self-help estate planning questionnaire and forms, you can complete your own estate plan without the hassle and expense of hiring a lawyer.


Download, print, and sign.

You will receive your Blended Family Plan documents instantly upon completion of GoGo Estate's self-help questions. Once received, you can download and sign on your own time. Or, if you're patient, we'll send you a Trust Box & Binder with printed versions of all your documents.


Fund your Trust.

Technically, trusts don't exist until they are "funded." This means that you have to transfer your assets into trust. Luckily, GoGo Estate gives you the tools to do this with our helpful guides and explanations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trust?

A trust is an estate planning arrangement whereby you transfer ownership of your assets to someone else (known as the trustee) for the benefit of another person (known as the beneficiary). During life, the person who creates a trust will be both trustee and beneficiary. If they become incapacitated, or pass away, someone else steps in as Trustee and their kids (or whomever they select) become the beneficiaries).

What is a Revocable Living Trust?

The type of Trust Plan offered by GoGo Estate is a Revocable Living Trust. This means that you have the power, during your life, to amend or rescind the Trust at any time. If after a few years you don't feel your Trust is necessary, you can simply get rid of it at any time.

What is the difference between a Trust and a Will?

A Trust is a life-planning tool whereas a Will only comes into effect after your death. While both plans help to designate who will receive your property and assets, Trusts have the added benefit of planning for any unexpected challenges life might throw at you. Trusts also avoid Probate, meaning your Beneficiaries receive their assets quicker than those receiving under a Will. Trusts also have the added benefit of protecting your assets from creditors of your Beneficiaries.

What is attorney support?

Unlike other online planning tools, GoGo Estate prices attorney support into every Trust Plan. With attorney support, you are entitled to one conversation (over phone or video) with a licensed attorney in your state.

How do I access attorney support?

Once you complete your Trust Plan, GoGo Estate will send you an email allowing you to schedule an appointment with a licensed attorney in your state. Once you schedule your appointment, you will then be able to discuss your Trust Plan with that attorney.

What does it mean to "fund" my Trust?

Trusts do not exist unless they own property. This means that you will be required to place property in your Trust, or designate your Trust as beneficiary to your property, so that your Trust Plan functions properly. While this may seem daunting, GoGo Estate gives you the tools and resources needed to "Fund" your Trust.

How do I sign my Trust?

GoGo Estate provides you with detailed instructions on how to sign your trust on the first page of your document. You can also find these instructions in Customer Guides.

What is Probate?

Probate is the court-based process for distributing assets after your death. Probate leaves you at the mercy of the courts and opens your estate up to the public. Trusts, on the other hand, are completely private.

How long does Probate take?

Depending on the court and complexity of the estate, Probate may require your Beneficiaries to wait over 2 years to inherit from you.