Durable Health Care Power of Attorney

The Durable Health Care Power of Attorney available in all GoGo Estate plans contains specific instructions relating to your health care. See how it works by reading below.

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The Basics

Your health and wellness are personal to you. While you want to ensure that you retain your ability to make health care decisions for yourself for the remainder of your life, that's not always the case. Unforeseen circumstances arise, necessitating the ability for someone else to make quick decisions on your behalf.

A Durable Health Care Power of Attorney ("POA") appoints someone else to make decisions on your behalf for times when you cannot do so yourself. These decisions include course of treatment decisions, hiring and firing doctors, or, in the worst case scenario, deciding whether or not to withdraw care.

What's with the "Durable" part?

Good question. Traditionally, powers of attorney ended when the principal (the person making the document) no longer had mental or physical capacity. That meant that their agent (the person acting on their behalf) had no ability to make decisions for them. Because that approach is stupid, many states adopted "durable" powers of attorney to ensure that the power granted to the agent extends to periods in which the principal is incapacitated. This provides ultimate protection for the principal and the agent.

The Details

A Durable Health Care POA is available in all GoGo Estate plans. The standard Durable Health Care POA is effective as soon as you sign it, meaning that your designated agent has the authority to act on your behalf now, not sometime in the future. This is advantageous because in the event of an emergency, your agent may need to act quickly.

Don't worry too much about your agent's authority, however. While you are still alive and competent to make your own decisions, you can override any decision made by your agent while acting on your behalf. This means that you have ultimate control over your course of treatment decisions. Your agent is just there to provide additional support in the event of an emergency.

In the GoGo Estate Questionnaire, you will be asked to appoint your agent. If you are married or in a domestic partnership, your spouse or partner will automatically be deemed your agent under the Durable Health Care POA form. If you're single, you can pick whomever you feel best to handle your health care needs.

The powers granted to your agent in the Durable Health Care POA include the power to:

  1. Consent, refuse, or withdraw to medical treatment on your behalf
  2. To hire and fire doctors
  3. Authorize the release of medical records
  4. Contract with health care professionals
  5. Admit and discharge you from hospitals
  6. Provide for pain relief medication (including morphine)
  7. Make end-of-life care decisions for you (in the event that you do not have an Advanced Directive)

Hospitals and health care providers are authorized to rely on the statements and course of treatment decisions made by your agent unless you tell them otherwise. Moreover, if you are married or in a domestic partnership, if you get divorced or split up, your spouse or partner's ability to act on your behalf terminates automatically, meaning they will no longer have control over your health care needs.

Create a Durable Health Care POA

Once again, a Durable Health Care POA is available in all GoGo Estate plans. Whether you want a standalone document, or you want a more comprehensive estate plan, GoGo Estate has your back. Get a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoGo Estate a law firm?

No! GoGo Estate does not provide legal services. However, we do provide our customers with self-help estate planning forms drafted by licensed estate planning attorneys.

Why should I use GoGo Estate over an attorney?

The average estate plan costs between $2,000 and $3,000 nationally! This is way too much money, especially since many attorneys "plug-and-play" your information into pre-drafted forms or estate planning software. And while seeking the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney, GoGo Estate gives you access to detailed attorney-drafted forms so you can save up to 70% on your estate plan!

How is GoGo Estate different from other online platforms?

In this everchanging world, we know you have a lot of online estate planning options to choose from. What makes GoGo Estate different is the detailed nature of our plans. We can confidently say that GoGo Estate has the most comprehensive estate planning forms on the internet. Plus, they are all drafted by licensed estate planning attorneys to give you peace of mind.

Can I really plan my estate on my own?

Absolutely! GoGo Estate has countless state-specific resources so that you can know the ins-and-outs of estate planning without having to pay an attorney.  Even better, our estate planning forms are drafted in detail by licensed estate planning attorneys, meaning you can receive the same quality forms you would expect from an attorney at up to 70% the cost!

Will GoGo Estate send me my documents?

Yes! No matter which plan you choose, GoGo Estate will send you printed versions of all of your documents. We ship all of your completed documents to you on the next business day. Of course, if you're in a crunch, you can print them out and have them signed yourself.

How do I go about signing my documents?

Unfortunately, most states do not allow for estate planning documents to be signed electronically. That means that you will have to sign them in front of a notary and (depending) at least two witnesses. Luckily, GoGo Estate provides detailed signing instructions in the first few pages of each document you purchase. While we hope to implement electronic signing in the future (depending on the state), at this time we do not help our customers sign their estate planning documents.

What is "Attorney Support?"

GoGo Estate's Standard and Blended Family Plans each come with built-in Attorney Support. With Attorney Support, you can have a free 30-minute phone or video call with a licensed attorney in your state so they can answer any questions or concerns that you might have.