Bill of Sale

Trusts must be funded with assets in order to exist. Luckily, with a Bill of Sale included in every Standard Plan and Blended Family Plan, you can fund your trust from the outset. Learn more about how a Bill of Sale works below.

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The Basics

For a trust to exist, it must be "funded." Assets like the house, bank accounts, and investment accounts could be transferred into the trust, while other assets like retirement plans, annuities, and life insurance can list the trust as beneficiary. But what about the contents inside of your house or other personal items you hold dear? That's where a Bill of Sale comes in.

The Details

A Bill of Sale is a document which retitles items of tangible personal property from your personal name into the name of your trust. While this may seem like a stupid legal fiction, it really isn't. When the assets are owned in your individual name at death, they will need to go through probate. If, however, the tangible personal property is transferred into your trust during your life, they will not have to go through probate.

Moreover, some states do not allow people who create wills to leave gifts of tangible personal property on a separate written list. When you have a trust (either with a GoGo Estate Standard or Complex Plan), you can keep such a list. The terms of the trust specifically state that the settlor(s) of the trust can designate one or more beneficiaries to specific items of tangible personal property upon death. At death, the successor trustee will be responsible for distributing those specific items to the individuals named on the written list (attached to the trust as Schedule A). This would not be allowed but for the purchase of a Standard or Complex Plan through GoGo Estate.

Get a Bill of Sale

Bills of sale are only available for customers who purchase a Standard or Complex Plan through GoGo Estate. If you would like to leave specific items of tangible personal property at death, you should consider purchasing a Standard or Complex Plan today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoGo Estate a law firm?

No! GoGo Estate does not provide legal services. However, we do provide our customers with self-help estate planning forms drafted by licensed estate planning attorneys.

Why should I use GoGo Estate over an attorney?

The average estate plan costs between $2,000 and $3,000 nationally! This is way too much money, especially since many attorneys "plug-and-play" your information into pre-drafted forms or estate planning software. And while seeking the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney, GoGo Estate gives you access to detailed attorney-drafted forms so you can save up to 70% on your estate plan!

How is GoGo Estate different from other online platforms?

In this everchanging world, we know you have a lot of online estate planning options to choose from. What makes GoGo Estate different is the detailed nature of our plans. We can confidently say that GoGo Estate has the most comprehensive estate planning forms on the internet. Plus, they are all drafted by licensed estate planning attorneys to give you peace of mind.

Can I really plan my estate on my own?

Absolutely! GoGo Estate has countless state-specific resources so that you can know the ins-and-outs of estate planning without having to pay an attorney.  Even better, our estate planning forms are drafted in detail by licensed estate planning attorneys, meaning you can receive the same quality forms you would expect from an attorney at up to 70% the cost!

Will GoGo Estate send me my documents?

Yes! No matter which plan you choose, GoGo Estate will send you printed versions of all of your documents. We ship all of your completed documents to you on the next business day. Of course, if you're in a crunch, you can print them out and have them signed yourself.

How do I go about signing my documents?

Unfortunately, most states do not allow for estate planning documents to be signed electronically. That means that you will have to sign them in front of a notary and (depending) at least two witnesses. Luckily, GoGo Estate provides detailed signing instructions in the first few pages of each document you purchase. While we hope to implement electronic signing in the future (depending on the state), at this time we do not help our customers sign their estate planning documents.

What is "Attorney Support?"

GoGo Estate's Standard and Blended Family Plans each come with built-in Attorney Support. With Attorney Support, you can have a free 30-minute phone or video call with a licensed attorney in your state so they can answer any questions or concerns that you might have.